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Instructions: If you already know a Connector on the site, who can be used as a reference for you, then please indicate (up to three) Connector name(s) below. You should only select a Connector’s name, if they know you well enough to be an additional reference.

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Connector Guidelines
  1. Connectors will spend a minimum of 6 hours online each week matching singles (members).
  2. Connectors will work with at least 30 members and set up (on average) 25-30% of their members each week.
  3. Connectors will call each member that they accept the week that they accept the member.
  4. Only married connectors are allowed on the site.
  5. We know that you will find the connectors site incredibly helpful, but we encourage each connectors to find and use the 1 site that best allows them to help people find their match. If you determine that JConnect is that site, then in order to help avoid confusion and conflict with our site policies, we ask that you NOT use or be listed on any other matchmaking site.
  6. Connectors may not require a fee for their services.
  7. All matches must be made online, through the site. No exceptions.
  8. No one can receive your password. You are the only person who can see the site. You cannot show the site to anyone else, single or married, nor can you give anyone else access.